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Old Nunn Municipal Hall
755 Third Street, Nunn Colorado 80648
State Register 03/10/1999 5WL2114
Constructed in 1933-1934 as a Civil Works Administration Depresion-Era project, the two-story building, of painted concrete housed the police station, fire department, and town clerk. Community dinners, school acivities, and various other family gatherings took place in the building. No longer used as a town hall, the High Plains Historical Society has transformed it into a museum in the year 2000.
US Hwy 85, Nunn, Colorado 80648
State Register 03/10/1993 5WL1859
The Nunn Water Tower, a 50,000-gallon steel tank on four legs with a platform and guard rails, was constructed in 1921 and distributes water to town water users. A beacon light on top of the tower once guided planes flying between Denver and Cheyenne, and it served as a light for the residents of Nunn.
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The Museum will be Opening on April 30th
Hope to see you! 
Call 970 897 3125 or
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   970 897 3064 or
307 630 1221
for more info or 
 to schedule a tour
We will try to be open every Saturday and Sunday 
11am to 4pm
Depending on having a someone  available.
If you have some time, please help us stay open by volunteering..
The High Plains Historical Society
Our Eighth Annual Observance of Flag Day
Honoring All Veterans and the Flag they preserved
Sunday June 12, 2016 1:00pm
Nunn City Park

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